Preputial ulceration

calendar icon 8 November 2018
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Background and history

This is occasionally seen in outdoor boars and may become a problem in groups of boars. It appears to spread slowly.

The ulcers occur as areas of wet eczema around the skin on the end of the prepuce.

Clinical signs

The ventral part of the prepuce near the opening is swollen, oedematous, red and painful. It is only shown in outdoor boars and is sporadic. The lesions are usually quite obvious and may become extensive. Blood may be seen around the prepuce.


This is based on the clinical signs.


The cause is unknown but it may be initiated by:

  • Trauma.
  • Viral or bacterial infections.
  • Contact dermatitis.


  • Isolate the boar until the lesions have healed.
  • Apply an antiseptic antihistamine cream.
  • Spray with antibiotic.
  • If the prepuce is badly infected inject the pig with long-acting amoxycillin.
  • Consider culling affected animals.

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