Prolapse of the Vagina and Cervix

calendar icon 8 November 2018
clock icon 7 minute read


  • Remove the sow to loose housing.
  • If the prolapse remains when the sow is standing replace and pass a tape suture across the vulva.
  • If the sow is at point of farrowing, the farrowing crate floor should be raised to slope towards the feeding trough by using raised floor boards. When the sow then stands or lies down the weight of the piglets inside pulls the womb forward to hold the vagina in. Under such circumstances the sow usually farrows normally.
  • If the vagina remains prolapsed as farrowing approaches, the cervix will not open fully and both the sow and the litter are likely to be lost. In such cases a tape suture should be placed across the lips of the vulva to hold the prolapse in. As the sow reaches the point of farrowing it can be relaxed. This technique is described in chapter 15.
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