Trichothecenes are produced by other species of the fungus Fusarium mainly F. graminearum, and F. sporotrichioides growing in wheat and corn (maize) and the common toxins are called T-2, DAS and DON (vomitoxin). Their significance is that they are immuno-suppressive and also affect the production of blood cells by the bone marrow.

Clinical signs

Levels of 1ppm or more reduce feed intake and at high levels (10 to 20ppm) they cause vomiting and inappetence but at such levels pigs refuse to eat the food.


This is based on clinical symptoms, a history of sudden vomiting within 10 to 15 minutes of feeding and inappetence. In such cases feed should be changed and samples tested.


  • None is required - the toxins are rapidly excreted.
  • Change the feed source.