Your hub for early-life knowledge and advice

LifeStart Swine: Your hub for early-life knowledge and advice

LifeStart Swine is a new industry knowledge platform facilitated by Trouw Nutrition. This website brings together farmers, consultants, researchers and other practitioners to share the latest scientific insights and proven practices for the early-life stage. It’s your one-stop shop for up-to-the-minute knowledge and real-world advice – all supported by the LifeStart community of experts.

As a science-driven company, Trouw Nutrition works to help pig producers become more resilient, efficient and profitable, while contributing to a more sustainable industry. We see the early-life stage, from conception to 70 days, as a key window to realise these ambitions. Through the LifeStart Swine knowledge platform, we want to help swine professions – from farm managers to veterinarians and nutritionists – navigate this critical period of development, with the best possible results.

Up-to-the-minute, actionable insights and advice

LifeStart Swine offers the latest scientific insights from leading swine experts as well as real-world advice from practitioners from around the globe. As well as drawing on our own researchers and technical experts, we collaborate with independent professionals and industry leaders. The result is in-depth information that’s balanced, comprehensive and always up-to-the-minute. This information is carefully distilled and presented as digestible insights, putting you on the fast track to informed decision-making.

LifeStart Swine also works in partnership with The Pig Site to help us reach as many farmers, consultants and other industry professionals as possible. Our community is growing day by day, and new members are always welcome. Whether you’re looking to learn and develop new insights or share your knowledge with other professionals, you’ve come to the right place.


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This website has been faciliated by Trouw Nutrition with the help of a number of independent experts and contributors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and combine up-to-date early life scientific research, insights and real-world experiences from farmers and practitioners from around the globe.
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