To build our LifeStart Swine Community, we need stories from real people with real expertise that can demonstrate real results. Your real-life experience could greatly benefit hog farmers and the swine industry. What kind of stories? Find some suggestions below.


Hog farming life is rich in personal experiences, learning moments and success stories. Now is your chance to tell your best story from a past experience. We’re searching for a big or small success, as well as sharing a big or small failure.


Think about a life-changing moment, a-ha moment, a mistake, stressful time, family situation, personal struggle, a time or reason you even wanted to quit or a personal victory or business success related to the early life period (from conception to 70 days of age). Also consider the personal impact of an industry issue like sustainability, rising costs, succession planning, being a younger or older farmer, being female in a male-dominated industry, changes to your business or how you’ve adjusted to changing times.


It’s not about your success, but how you succeeded. It’s not about the failure, but how you overcame and are still standing. Thanks for being brave enough to share so we can learn from, recognize and relate to your real experience.

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  • Tips on organizing your thoughts and story:

    1. Start by introducing the story. Where and when was this?
    2. What was the problem, mistake, issue or challenge?
    3. How did you solve, handle, or fix the problem?
    4. What did you learn from this experience?
    5. If relevant, what were the costs in time, physical or mental health, or money?
    6. Why is your experience helpful or valuable to others in your profession?


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