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Porcilis M Hyo ID Once

PORCILIS M Hyo ID ONCE is an inactivated bacterial vaccine containing whole cell concentrate of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M Hyo) strain 11. This antigen is incorporated in an adjuvant based on a combination of light liquid paraffin and dl-?-tocopheryl acetate in order to give a prolonged stimulation of immunity. The product stimulates the development of active immunity in finishing pigs against M Hyo infection, reducing both pulmonary lesions and the decrease in daily weight gain due to infection. It allows intradermal vaccination with 1 single dose of 0.2 mL in pigs at the sides of the neck or along the muscles of the back from an age of 2 weeks onwards. That intradermal vaccination can be given using the IDAL device.

The IDAL is a needle-free device for the administration of a fixed vaccine dose of 0.2 ml into the dermis of the pig. The IDAL is strictly for Merck Animal Health vaccines that have the specific label claim for intradermal use: PORCILIS Begonia, PORCILIS PRRS and as of now also PORCILIS M Hyo ID ONCE. The device has advanced features, including automatic rinsing, automatic vaccine recognition, automatic vaccine dose release, a display with a counter and a battery allowing 1000 vaccine doses per fully charged battery.

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