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Porcilis® PCV ID - The Wait is Over

Porcilis® PCV ID is the first intradermal PCV vaccine that can be administered with a needle-free injector, such as the IDAL® or IDAL 2G. With its specifically formulated 0.2-mL dose, this new vaccine is an industry-advancing alternative to IM PCV vaccines.

It is approved to be used concurrently with Porcilis M Hyo ID Once if administered in a different location on the animal. With this method, animals only need to be handled once to protect against two major swine pathogens – PCV2 and M. hyo.

This approach to vaccination helps advance animal care and well-being with less pain and stress, and less risk of transmitting disease between pigs caused by reusing needles.

With a duration of immunity (DOI) of 23 weeks after vaccination, Porcilis PCV ID effectively controls viraemia and subclinical PCV2 throughout the critical finishing period.

  • The first intradermal PCV vaccine
  • Advancing how the swine industry vaccinates by providing an alternative to intramuscular (IM) vaccines
  • Low-volume 0.2-mL dose administered into the dermis with the needle-free IDAL® System (IDAL or IDAL 2G
  • Approved for concurrent use with Porcilis M Hyo ID Once
  • PCV2 DOI is 23 weeks after vaccination
  • Complements our line of ID vaccines to protect against the top three swine pathogens: PCV2, M. hyo and PRRSv
Porcilis® PCV ID - The Wait is Over

For the active immunization of fattening pigs to reduce viraemia, virus load in lungs and lymphoid tissues and virus shedding caused by PCV2 infection. In addition, to reduce loss of daily weight gain and mortality associated with PCV2 infection.

Onset of immunity: 2 weeks after vaccination.

Duration of immunity: 23 weeks after vaccination.

For intradermal use. Vaccinate once from an age of 3 weeks onwards. Intradermal administration of 0.2 mL per animal, preferably at the sides of the neck, along the muscles of the back or in the hind leg using a multi-dose needle-free injection device for intradermal application of liquids suitable to deliver a “jet-stream” volume of vaccine (0.2 mL ± 10%) through the epidermal layers of the skin. Safety and efficacy of Porcilis PCV ID have been demonstrated using the device IDAL.

Before use allow the vaccine to reach room temperature. Shake well before use. Avoid multiple broaching.

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