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Liz Wagstrom – How do you diagnose African Swine Fever?

Dave Pyburn – Transmission threat: Feed and feedstuffs could transmit African Swine Fever

Liz Wagstrom – Transmission: How African Swine Fever spreads

Dave Pyburn – Diagnostics: PCR is the definitive test for African Swine Fever

Dr. Patrick Webb - African Swine Fever Concerns in the US

PEDv Research on Dust Shows Importance of Biosecurity in Feed Mills

Advantages of GenoTube sampling devices

US Veterinary Feed Directive to Reduce Antibiotic Use

Key Indicators of When to Contact Your Swine Veterinarian

Emerging Diseases in the Swine Industry

Aurore Blanc – Results GenoTube on oral fluid sampling

Surveillance of Emerging Swine Diseases in Canada

Role diagnostics in antimicrobial reduction

Using Diagnostics to Evaluate Porcine Respiratory Coronavirus Type 2 (PCV2)

When Should You Call Your Swine Veterinarian?

Swine Research: Confidence of Sampling Size for PRRS Detection

Swine Health Information Center Uses Diagnostics to Prepare for Emerging Diseases

Daniel Linhares – Early Detection of Disease

Dustin Oedekoven – Species Use of Diagnostics

Carthage Veterinary Service Installs Diagnostic Lab for Routine Testing

Value of Standardizing Diagnostics Across the Swine Industry

Diagnostic Use Increases in Asia, Mexico & South America

George Charbonneau, Veterinarian (Canada) – Antibiotics

Sample preparation for qPCR workflows in animal health – Part 2 of 2

Sample preparation for qPCR workflows in animal health – Part 1 of 2

Dr. Chris Richards on Use of Swine Diagnostics in Australia

Dr. George Charbonneau on Diagnostics' Role in Canadian PEDv

Dr. Luis Gimenez-Lirola Speaks about Oral Fluid Swine Diagnostics

Advantages of Risk-Based Surveillance Testing for Meat Producers

Dr. Daniel Linhares on Diagnostics, Swine Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Jeff Zimmerman, DVM Iowa State University - Swine Oral Fluids Testing is Efficient Diagnostic Tool

Rodger Main, DVM Director of Iowa State University - Using Real-time Swine Biosurveillance, Diagnostics to Make Herd Health Decisions

Lisa Becton, DVM National Pork Board - Diagnostics Play Important Role Amid Rising Antibiotic Attention

Mr. Decker of the veterinary services Gütersloh (Germany) has found PrioCHECK™ Trichinella AAD offers many advantages over the traditional pepsin digestion method. Learn more

Matt Cochran, DVM Texas A&M University - Diagnostics Play Critical Role in New Norm of Emerging Diseases

Michael Murtaugh, professor and scientist at the University of Minnesota - Emerging Strains of PRRS Can Be Virulent

Bill Hollis, DVM with Carthage Veterinary Service - What Role do Diagnostics Play in the Swine Industry?

Dr. Derald Holtkamp, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State - PRRS – Economics and Role Diagnostics Play in Controlling the Virus

Dave Pyburn - Dr. Dave Pyburn, Vice President Science and Technology of the National Pork Board USA , talks about the need for proper diagnostics for optimal swine health management.

Mabel Ribicich - Dr. Mabel Ribicich, Veterinary faculty of the University of Buenos Aires, talks about the application of risk-based surveillance using the PrioCHECK Trichinella Ab in holdings with negligible risk in Trichinella endemic regions.

Ray Gamble - Dr. Ray Gamble, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., talks about the importance of diagnostic testing in Trichinella control and the use of serology testing.

Alvin Gajadhar - Dr. Alvin Gajadhar, president of the International Commission on Trichinellosis, talks about the importance and development of Trichinella diagnostics.

Patrik Buholzer - Patrik Buholzer, product manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific, highlights the advantages of the PrioCHECK Trichinella AAD.

Dr. Lis Alban - Chief Scientist of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council talks about the advantages of Trichinella testing in a risk-based surveillance system.

Dr. Patrick Webb - What Should a Swine Producer Do if He Suspects a Foreign Animal Disease

Dr. Lisa Becton - Diagnostics as Part of Total Swine Health Program

Dr. Paul Thomas - Role of Diagnostics in Swine Health Program

Dr. Lisa Becton – What’s the Role of Diagnostics with SIV?

Dr. Patrick Webb - Diagnostics Role in Detecting Foreign Animal Disease

Dr. Howard Hill - Diagnostics Role in the Pork Industry

Dr. Lisa Becton Talks about Diagnostics Role in PRRS

Diagnostics bring value to producers throughout the world

Dr. Paul Thomas - Diagnostics Role in PEDv Outbreak

Stunning 3D chalk art captures changing perceptions of diagnostics

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