12 key points to piglet survival

Piglet survival is increased by:

  1. Maintaining a healthy sow.
  2. Providing good hygiene at farrowing.
  3. Providing extra heat lamps both at the side and behind the sow during farrowing.
  4. Good observation at farrowing.
  5. Maintaining a warm farrowing house without draughts and with good insulated floors.
  6. Ensuring the piglet dries off quickly after farrowing.
  7. Immediate removal of the piglet to the creep area for acclimatisation.
  8. Maximising early colostrum intake.
  9. Giving prompt assistance to weak pigs.
  10. Fostering and even up of weights at birth.
  11. Removing eye teeth promptly.
  12. Cross fostering early.