Maximising colostrum intake

  • Maximising the intake of colostrum in the first 6 hours is vital to piglet survival.
  • Once each pig has stopped suckling for the first time it should be marked and fastened into the creep area.
  • Split suckling will increase the availability and intake of colostrum.
  • As soon as piglets are born or have received adequate colostrum they maybe split amongst other farrowing sows by number and even weights.
  • Weak or poor viable piglets can be given colostrum by a syringe into the mouth. The colostrum is withdrawn from the sow as she is farrowing, into a small dish. (See management of the poor viable pig). A minimum of 10ml of colostrum should be given to underprivileged small pigs.
  • Assist weaker pigs to a teat.