Diagnosing pregnancy on the farm

  • From service to 21 days maintain close boar contact. Provide boar pheromone contact throughout pregnancy.
  • Observe sows for oestrus daily and particularly on 18-22 days post-service. No oestrus indicates a pregnancy has started. Maintain daily detection throughout pregnancy.
  • Check the vulva daily for tackiness from day 14-21 and thereafter for discharges throughout pregnancy.
  • Test the sow at 28-35 post-service using a döppler machine.
  • A positive test - leave the sow where she is.
  • A negative test - move the sow to the service area for close observation and boar contact.
  • A doubtful test - repeat 7 days later.
  • Pregnancy test the sow again between 40-47 days using a döppler machine. Follow as for 6.
  • Visually check the sow for abdominal enlargement, teat and mammary vein enlargement from day 80 of pregnancy.