Controlling the oestrus cycle

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Hormones can be used to synchronise oestrus in groups of gilts or in sows after weaning.

Regumate Porcine (POM)
This is an oil based product containing the active principle altrenogest - a progesterone substance. Progesterone is produced by the ovary when the sow is in the middle of the oestrus cycle or pregnant. It suppresses oestrus in the non pregnant female if it is given daily and when it is removed the sow or gilt will come into heat.

Its main use is to synchronise oestrus by medicating batches of gilts daily for 18 days, (5mls per day per gilt is placed on the feed). At the end of this period following its withdrawal most gilts will be in heat within 5-7 days.

It can also be used in sows at weaning time to synchronise oestrus but this should not be necessary at a commercial level. Regumate should only be used in gilts that have shown oestrus. Some trials have shown an increase in litter size following its use.

PG600 (POM)
This product contains hormones that stimulate the production and release of follicles from the ovary. They are called gonadotrophins. PG600 is used to stimulate gilts that have failed to show oestrus but in such cases it is not uncommon for only 50% to respond, and come into heat. Furthermore some gilts will be mated only to become pseudo pregnant and not farrow. It is better to cull anoestrus gilts - they are telling you they are infertile.

Gilts treated with PG600 should be served towards the end of the heat period.

PG600 can be used where there are anoestrus problems in first litter gilts. Litter size is often improved. Gilts are injected on the day of weaning and a normal oestrus follows. However if this is necessary, your management and or nutrition in lactation is probably wrong and you should read chapter 5.

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