Ensuring a successful mating

calendar icon 9 November 2018
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  • Always introduce the sow to the boar.
  • Always observe every service to completion in indoor systems. Examine boars clinically every week in outdoor systems and observe at least one service per sow as far as possible.
  • Do not commence services too early.
  • Make sure the sow is standing completely still and solid for the first mating.
  • Match the size of the boar to the size of sow.
  • Serve in a pen that is dry, with no projections and a non slip floor. The floor area should be at least 9.5m2. All sides should be equal in size.
  • Make sure the supernumerary digits of the boar do not damage the sows back. If so use a thin carpet or other protective material over the back of the sow.
  • Assist entry of the penis into the vagina if necessary by cupping a clean or gloved hand. Do not handle the prepuce, you will empty the preputial sac and cause heavy bacterial contamination.
  • Ensure the penis is locked in and then observe between the testicles for the pulsation of the urethra to indicate that insemination is taking place.
  • Observe that there is no leakage of semen from the vulva.
  • Always use a fresh unused boar for the first service.
  • Never use a boar that is stiff or lame, you will risk a small litter.
  • Avoid using a boar for at least 14 days if he has had a temperature of more than 40ºC (104ºF).
  • Handle the boar and sow quietly and patiently.
  • Kindness and good empathy mean good fertility.
  • Only serve once every 24 hours.
  • Use one boar for one sow where possible and serve am and am.
  • Only use each boar once every 24 hours.
  • Give the boar a 48 hour rest between each complete sow mating if at all possible.
  • Maintain the sow in dry warm housing for 21 days post-service.
  • Do not mix sows after day 2 post-service.
  • Feed sows 2kg maximum of feed for 2 days post-service then to body condition to day 21 (minimum of 2.8kg)
  • Feed a diet of at least 14.0 MJ DE/kg and 1% lysine from weaning to 21 days post-service.
  • Always house the boar in a clean dry pen.

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