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Why should it be necessary to multiple serve the sow to establish a pregnancy? The simple answer is it is not and single mating demonstrates this, but multiple services probably ensure a better timing of fertile sperm meeting a fertile egg and provide more latitude for variable service procedures. If multiple services give you excellent results do not make any changes. If results however are poor it is worth assessing the response to both changes in the number of services and their timing on litter size and conception rates. This may be particularly advantages in ill-defined infertility problems. As an initial guide serve am/am. (Fig.5-38)

What should you do on the farm?

Look at the results of your existing service procedure. Is it efficient? i.e. 11.0 plus born alive and a pregnancy rate of 90%. If so don't make any changes.

If results are poor then change the existing routine. Such a change could include:

  • Altering the number of times the sow is served (probably less than more).
  • Altering the time when the sow is first served (later).
  • Altering the frequency of the services e.g. from am/am to am/pm.
  • Mate the sow with only one boar.
  • Mate the sow with two different boars (cross mating).

If fertility is not being maximised then change your service routine. Remember however that if you have good fertility it does not matter if you serve two, three or four times, all you do is risk continual trauma to the sow but in your case it is not important.

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