German state to slaughter 3,000 more pigs over contaminated feed

by 5m Editor
24 February 2003, at 12:00am

BERLIN - Germany's Thuringen state has decided to slaughter 3,000 more pigs believed to have eaten feed contaminated with cancer-causing dioxin, the state public health authorities announced on Friday.

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Before the move, the state had already killed 300 such pigs. The authorities said about 1,200 tons of dioxin-contaminated animal feed, all from a local producer, have been sold to some farms and feed lots in Germany and the Netherlands.

Some dioxin-contaminated pork has also entered the market.

It is estimated that six German states including Thuringen and Hessen are affected, with some 100 businesses having fallen victim and more than 10 of them been ordered to suspend operation.

The authorities expect the dioxin contamination to spread to more livestock and areas.

It remains unknown what caused the contamination. Experts believe that maybe the feed producer used wet woods as fuel to dry up the feed. They criticized the existing health control mechanism in Germany's enterprises for allowing for loopholes, and leading to the entry of the contaminated pork into market with certificates of inspection.

Source: Xinhua via COMTEX - 22nd February 2003
Copyright 9 2003, Xinhua News Agency, all rights reserved.

5m Editor