Pork producers invest to protect the environment

by 5m Editor
12 March 2003, at 12:00am

IOWA - Iowa pork producers have invested nearly $300,000 in environmental research projects at Iowa State University in just the last few years.

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As part of a larger group of U.S. pork producers, they have contributed more than $2 million in research on odor solutions alone.

"Farmers live where neighbors live and we want the same clean air and water quality for our families, or neighbors and our communities," said Steve Kerns, chair of the Iowa Pork Producers Association Environmental Committee.

"Besides investing in research initiatives, producers are doing their part on their farms to ensure they are meeting and exceeding what it takes to be a good environmental steward," said Kerns. Pork producers invest their time and money into developing manure management plans, conducting third party audits on their farms, changing swine diets and using management techniques and modern production systems to reduce odors and fully utilize livestock nutrients as crop fertilizer. "Each of these examples of new technologies adopted by pork producers are proactive steps in protecting the environment and improving water and air quality," said Kerns.

Pork production is a value-added industry for Iowa crops. Livestock production in Iowa utilizes over one-third of the corn and one-half of the soybeans grown in the state, with Iowa hogs consuming a vast majority of those crops. In return, pork production provides a natural fertilizer resource to grow crops and return organic matter and precious micronutrients back to Iowa topsoil.

Source: Iowa Pork Producers Association - March 2003

5m Editor