Country of Origin Labeling

by 5m Editor
11 April 2003, at 12:00am

US - Examples of records that may be useful for COOL verification purposes

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The examples of documents and records listed in the attached tables, although extensive, are not inclusive of all documents and records that may be useful to verify compliance with the Country of Origin Labeling provisions of the 2002 Farm Bill.

Additionally, maintaining documents and records such as those listed as examples will not necessarily ensure compliance.

The documents listed are examples only and are for the sole purpose of providing information for producers, processors, and retailers to consider when establishing records for verification purposes.

During a compliance audit conducted by USDA, auditors will review any and all documents to the extent necessary to arrive at an accurate decision on the level of compliance.

Click Here to view the Hogs, Pork, Muscle Cuts of Pork, Ground Pork - PDF file

The following tables are available at AMS

  • Cattle, Beef, Muscle Cuts of Beef, Ground Beef - PDF file
  • Farm-Raised Fish - PDF file
  • Peanuts - PDF file
  • Perishable Agricultural Commodity - PDF file
  • Sheep, Lamb, Muscle Cuts of Lamb, Ground Lamb - PDF file
  • Wild Fish - PDF file
Source: Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) - April 2003

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