PMWS - growing case for vaccination against secondary infections

UK - Recognition of the role of Glässer's disease in the severity of Post-weaning, Multi-systemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS) has resulted in increasing numbers of producers using a dual vaccination programme in their pig herds.
calendar icon 11 April 2003
clock icon 3 minute read
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More... on Fort Dodge Animal Health Haemophilus parasuis, the cause of Glässer's disease is now present on most pig farms and can exacerbate the symptoms caused by PMWS. Vaccination against Glässer's has resulted in dramatic reductions in piglet mortality, saving thousands of pounds on some units where the disease is severe. But the fact that the vaccine is routinely used in many hundreds of herds across the UK underlines the general importance of Glässer's and its role as one of the secondary infections that follow PMWS, says Fort Dodge Animal Health.

The company has recorded increasing interest in Suvaxyn M Hyo Parasuis, their combined pneumonia/ Glässer's disease vaccine, a unique combination with several million doses already prescribed in the UK.

"Our feedback suggests this is due to a greater awareness and understanding of the importance of Glässer's disease and the seemingly unstoppable march of PMWS across the UK," commented Calum Dalgarno of Fort Dodge.

As well as affecting the heart and circulation, PMWS damages the lungs, causing them to fill with fluid. The lungs may then become subject to a variety of infections, including Haemophilus parasuis, which causes Glässer's disease, and in some herds it appears to be the major secondary infection. Vaccination against Glässer's disease brings added benefits in many affected herds, including those with PMWS.

Using the combined vaccine which includes protection against Glässer's disease and enzootic pneumonia, pig farmers will see benefits which far outweigh the cost of any vaccination, he says. By using the combined vaccine, producers can prove to themselves just what part Glässer's may play in PMWS-affected herds.

Source: Fort Dodge Animal Health, UK - 11th April 2003

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