Classical Swine Fever in Luxembourg

by 5m Editor
14 August 2003, at 12:00am

LUXEMBOURG - A report (via OIE) of the Classical Swine Fever outbreak in the County of Redange.

See also: 21 June 2002, 7 June 2002, 5 April 2002, 15 March 2002, 1 March 2002, 1 March 2002, 22 February 2002

(Date of previous outbreak of classical swine fever in domestic pigs in Luxembourg reported to the OIE: October 2002).

Emergency report

Translation of information received on 14 August 2003 from Dr Arthur Besch, Director of the Veterinary Services Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, Luxembourg:

Report date: 14 August 2003.

Date of suspicion: 12 August 2003.

Date of confirmation of diagnosis: 13 August 2003.


Registration No. Location
2003/01 Locality of Buschrodt, County of Redange (central-western part of the country)

Description of affected population: breeding/fattening farm with 1,095 pigs.

Source of agent/origin of infection: the first epidemiological investigations indicate a possible contact with wild boar, as a wild pig killed at 3 km distance from the farm gave positive PCR(1) results on 13 August 2003.

Control measures:

- On 13 August 2003 stamping out was applied on this farm, on a pig farm with 122 pigs, located within the 1-km-radius zone, as well as on a contact farm with 134 pigs.

- Until further notice, there is a ban on all pig movements in Luxembourg, with the exception of transportation to slaughterhouses.

(1) PCR: polymerase chain reaction


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