UK signs up to protection of animals during international transport

by 5m Editor
12 November 2003, at 12:00am

UK - The UK was last week one of 12 European countries to sign up to the new Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Animals During International Transport.

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The Convention, which will extend improved animal welfare standards beyond EU borders, was agreed at a two day meeting in Moldova on November 5 and 6.

Other countries that signed the Convention were Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Norway, Romania and Sweden.

The revised Convention mirrors improvements currently being negotiated by EU member states and the European Commission in the EU Directive on the protection of animals Transport.

Animal Welfare Minister Ben Bradshaw welcomed the establishment of the revised Convention, which has the support of UK animal welfare organisations.

"The revised convention is good news. General principles established 30 years go have been assessed and updated in the light of current practices and knowledge. The Convention has the potential to extend improved welfare standards to Europe, beyond the current EU borders," he said.

Source: Defra - 11th November 2003

5m Editor