More product outlets for livestock farmers

by 5m Editor
8 December 2003, at 12:00am

UK - More livestock farmers could find their products ending up in schools, hospitals and prisons under a new set of guidelines from the Meat and Livestock Commission’s Food Service division.

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The guidelines aim to encourage public institutions and local authorities to include small and medium sized producers when putting out tenders for food and catering services.

Following the principles of the Government’s strategy for sustainable procurement, the MLC hopes the guidelines will encourage smaller abattoirs and food processors to tender for - and win - contracts to supply the public sector.

Tony Goodger, MLC Foodservice Trade Manager, said: “In the past many smaller farmers and suppliers lost out to the bigger operators who were able to undercut them.

“The Government strategy means public sector buyers will now be looking for best value for money and not just lowest price - this will give more smaller producers a good chance to compete.“

Source: Meat and Livestock Commission - 5th December 2003

5m Editor