33.3m Defra grant for RMIF

by 5m Editor
28 January 2004, at 12:00am

UK - A grant of 33.3 million has been made by Defra to the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) to work with the industry to improve competitiveness.

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The objective is to achieve a ten per cent improvement by 2006 - each one per cent is worth 3150 million so the work is of vital importance to the British industry.

This complements grants already given by the DTI and Defra under the Agricultural Development Scheme and it means the full programme of activity under Phase III of the RMIF plan can go ahead between now and 2006.

The major activities included in the programme include:

  • best practice benchmarking
  • Value chain analysis
  • masterclasses

RMIF Chairman Peter Barr said: “I am very encouraged by the positive response the industry has so far shown to the RMIF.

“The Defra funding is an exciting opportunity for the British red meat industry and I’m pleased at Defra’s strong expression of confidence in the work of the RMIF.“

“All firms throughout the supply chain need to collaborate to achieve the maximum benefit. This grant provides the tools and seeks to change the thinking towards continuous improvement.“

Defra Food and Farming Minister Lord Whitty said: “CAP reform is going to make it even more important for producers and the industry to improve their competitive position.

“The Government is very committed to the industry which is why such a major grant has been made to create a structure for a long-term sustainable future for the red meat industry.

Additional Information

The Red Meat Industry Forum was launched in 2001 with the aim of improving competitiveness and profitability in the livestock and meat industry.

The RMIF concentrates on improving the efficiency of the supply chain; taking cost out of the production and processing sectors and communicating customer needs to focus on producing the right product.

The RMIF management board comprises representatives from all sectors of the red meat industry.

Source: Meat and Livestock Commission - 28th January 2004

5m Editor