British Pig and Poultry Fair will 'undemonise' environmental regs

by 5m Editor
26 January 2004, at 12:00am

UK - If pig producers want to continue in the business of producing quality-assured high-value British pork, they will need to know as much about the law as they do about animal husbandry.


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But getting to grips with existing rules and keeping abreast of the many new measures in the pipeline is hugely expensive in time, which is one commodity in short supply on al pig units.

In order to help the industry get to grips with the new world order, the organisers of the British Pig and Poultry Fair have set themselves the ambitious target of cutting a swathe through the smallprint… to give producers the plain facts about what they can and cannot do to minimise the cost and maximise the benefits this year and in years to come.

Most producers make a point of familiarising themselves with welfare advice and legislation, because it is a subject they are profoundly interested in.

New environmental rules are a different matter. They appear to load cost without giving benefit, and they are complex, requiring the ability to link the demands of several European directives.

So the aim at British Pig and Poultry Fair will be to bring together a range of experts who will explain the rules and regulations in plain language.

Every producer who visits the Central Display in Hall Two will take home from the show a better understanding of what is required of him or her, now and in the future, together with some practical tips.

And it should not be assumed that all the news will be negative. Some of the new requirements will help producers cut costs and add value.

There will be a programme of seminars and question-and-answer sessions over both days of the event. But the organisers seek to deliver more; experts will be on hand in the coffee bar area of the stand to answer individual questions privately.

The sponsors of the Central Display - who include Defra, MLC and BPEX - are putting considerable effort into helping producers make a painless-as-possible quantum leap forward in understanding what will be required of them this year, next year and over the years to come.

Much of the programme will be devoted to Pollution Prevention and Control (otherwise known as IPPC). It is important that all producers get up to speed on this subject because IPPC is based on a periodically updated 'best practice manua'l… and the requirements enshrined in this manual will inevitably become increasingly important on all units, not just the bigger ones that fall within the IPPC net (750 breeding sows or 2000 finishers.)

Also to be covered in seminars on the Central Display area will be new farm waste requirements which will effect all producers. Is slurry farm waste? If so, what are the implications for producers who export it off farm? These and many other issues will be explored.

The seminars will also cover health and welfare, and health planning. Details of the full programme will be available soon. British Pig and Poultry Fair is on May 12-13, Stoneleigh.

Source: National Pig Association - By Digby Scott - 23rd January 2004

5m Editor