Classical Swine Fever In Slovakia

by 5m Editor
19 January 2004, at 12:00am

SLOVAKIA - This is follow up report No.3 via OIE on the Classical Swine Fever outbreak in domestic pigs in Slovakia.

See also: 12 December 2003, 5 December 2003, 28 November 2003

Information received on 12 January 2004 from Prof. Jozef Bires, Director General, State Veterinary and Food Administration, Bratislava:

End of previous report period: 8 December 2003 (see Disease Information, 16 [50], 269, dated 12 December 2003).

End of this report period: 12 January 2004.

New outbreaks:

Location No. of outbreaks
Prievidza district 1

Description of affected population in the new outbreak: a farm with breeding pigs.

Total number of animals in the new outbreak:

species susceptible cases deaths destroyed slaughtered
sui 17,118 500 22 17,096 0


A. Source of agent / origin of infection: the farm was identified as a contact farm with respect to the first outbreak (see Disease Information, 16 [48], 264, dated 28 November 2003) and the third outbreak (see Disease Information, 16 [49], 267, dated 5 December 2003) that occurred in Prievidza district.

B. Mode of spread: through contacts via persons and vehicles.

Control measures during reporting period: since 20 November 2003, measures in accordance with Directive 2001/89/EC of the Council of the European Union have been applied to the farm.

Despite all the measures taken, classical swine fever was confirmed on the farm at the beginning of January 2004.

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