Incinerators get type approval

by 5m Editor
30 January 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Following the collapse last week of William White Fabrications, makers of Wildemere Incinerators, there is better news for pig producers today.

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Worcester-based Waste Spectrum Incinerators has received type approval from Defra for its Derwent, Tamar, Trent, Stour ll, Avon and Severn models. These models are now officially approved under the animal by-products regulation for use as low capacity incinerator plants.

Approved incinerators for use by pig producers must be designed, equipped, built and operated in such a way that the gas resulting from the process is raised in a controlled and homogenous fashion, even under the most unfavourable conditions, to a temperature of 850C, as measured near the inner wall or at another representative point of the combustion chamber, for two seconds.

Defra has today confirmed to Waste Spectrum that it is satisfied that, on the basis of the information supplied by the company in October, its incinerator models (named above) will comply with the requirements of the animal by-products regulation when operated correctly.

Defra has asked the company to ensure that operating instructions supplied with its incinerators highlight the relevant gas burner settings, gas flow rates etc. that need to be maintained to ensure operator compliance with the law.

Source: National Pig Association - By Digby Scott - 30th January 2004

5m Editor