JSR Farms buys JSR Genetics

by 5m Editor
16 January 2004, at 12:00am

UK - JSR Farms has purchased the 50 per cent of JSR Genetics Ltd owned by the Brisby family. Following this acquisition JSR Genetics' headquarters is being relocated from Rothwell in Lincolnshire to Southburn, near Driffield in East Yorkshire.

JSR Genetics on

The 28 staff at the Rothwell offices will have the opportunity to take up a limited number of positions at Southburn to reduce the number of redundancies.

Ian Brisby will continue to work in an executive capacity until June 2004, and thereafter as a non-executive director and consultant.

Tim Rymer, who will assume day-to-day responsibility for running JSR Genetics Ltd, commented: "It is nearly two years since we purchased the assets of the Cotswold Pig Development Company and incorporated it into JSR Genetics Ltd. During this period we have successfully integrated many aspects of the JSR and Cotswold businesses and this further highlights our intent to provide a better and more effective service to our customers in both the UK and international markets."

Ian Brisby said: "Recent deflation within the pig industry has brought a permanently-reduced UK sow herd and undue pressures completely outside the normal pig cycle. It is only those companies that can adapt to this new environment and produce better products and services that will survive.

"There are parallel examples in other major European pig industries - such as Denmark and The Netherlands - which each have only one major breeding company supplying 80-90 per cent of market requirements. Consolidation is taking place in all other parts of the pork chain as well."

Source: JSR Genetics - 15th January 2004

5m Editor