China Achieves Breakthrough In Pork Preservation

by 5m Editor
18 February 2004, at 12:00am

CHINA - China has achieved a breakthrough in fresh pork preservation. Recent research by the Hunan Agricultural University and Hunan's Wanli Food Technology Group have developed a new method in which pork can be preserved and freshness retained for up to 30 days.

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The skill has passed technical assessments in Changsa, Hunan province, and is widely recognized by industry people in China as on par with leading global technology.

Traditionally, Chinese consumers buy fresh unfrozen pork from markets in the morning, with the pig meat coming straight from the slaughterhouse. However, this fresh pork is likely to go bad easily if not chilled or frozen. Yet Chinese consumers still prefer to buy fresh pork, as they believe that the tenderness and taste of the meat will deteriorate following the freezing process.

With this concern in mind, the Chinese Provincial Science Department has put much emphasis on the development of the pork preservation skills, in the hope of prolonging the preservation period of fresh pork under 0-4 degrees Celsius.

Together with the cooperation of the Wanli Food Technology Group, the Hunan Agricultural University's Food Science Department developed a new method in which frozen pork can retain its fresh taste and yet last longer. By using lysozyme and other natural ingredients as a preservative, the color, tenderness and freshness of chilled pork can be retained up to 26-30 days in vacuum packaging, or 16-21 days in tray packaging. Chinese consumers can now benefit from the convenient purchase of fresh pork in frozen form that is both hygienic and retains its nutrition value and taste.

The research team has also established a well-organized system and standards in which the quality of chilled pork can be controlled. Regulations for the newly developed chilled pork production technique have also been set up.

Source: eFeedLink - 17th February 2004

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