Have we got to rethink our marketing strategy for English pork?

by 5m Editor
20 February 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The English pig industry faces two major challenges this year. The penalty for getting it WRONG is a further decline in the national herd. But the rewards if we get it RIGHT are considerable.


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Challenge number one is an imminent supermarket price battle on a scale and intensity never seen before in our high streets, which will put retailers under profound pressures to increase imports.

Challenge number two comes from US giant Smithfield Foods which this month gained a significant foothold in England, from which to manufacture processed foods from its own pigs in Poland.

In the face of these threats British producers and processors have a potent weapon - if they care to use it - in the Quality Standard Mark.

Sixty-five percent of shoppers recognise the Mark (eight percent more than recognise the Little Red Tractor).

Twenty-seven percent of shoppers would choose Quality Standard Mark pork whatever the price difference and 43 percent would choose it if the price difference were small.

But the question for Pig World's levy-paying producer readers is this: do you support the Quality Standard Mark and have you made this clear to BPEX, which holds the promotional purse strings?

Three years ago BPEX was at pains to consult the industry over how the 65 pence promotional levy should be spent. As a result, a fifth of the annual c promotion budget now goes on grants to support supply chain initiatives - a measure which has been generally acclaimed by the industry.

Source: National Pig Association - 19th February 2004

5m Editor