Vertical Composting Unit gains European Union Animal By-Product Accreditation in UK

by 5m Editor
13 February 2004, at 12:00am

UK - OrrTec Ltd are delighted to announce that their Vertical Composting Unit (VCU) has become the first in-vessel composting plant in the UK to gain Positive Release Accreditation from the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for the composting of Animal By-Product wastes.

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As a result of a new EU Animal By-Product Regulation (ABPR), which came into effect on 1st May 2003, OrrTec has been working with VCU Technology Ltd, the New Zealand developers of the system, to secure ABPR accreditation for a site in the north of England. The site was awarded accreditation by DEFRA in January 2004.

The ABPR has been created to reduce the risk of transmitting disease to humans and animals when processing organic wastes. This covers wastes containing animal by-products, including catering and food wastes.

To achieve ABPR accreditation, the VCU had to reach over 70oC for one hour after each daily feed of raw material, this was monitored for a 30 day period. The resultant compost product was tested over a 4 week period for Enterobacteria and Salmonella. Positive Release Accreditation was awarded based on temperatures reaching over 70oC (averaging around 80oC) and the compost passing the tests for Enterobacteria and Salmonella. The accreditation was carried out on meat wastes from an animal food processor.

Positive Release Accreditation allows the compost to be applied to agricultural land. DEFRA are now carrying out a further two month period of monitoring, which is their standard requirement, before awarding final ABPR accreditation allowing the compost to be retailed.

OrrTec were allowed to undertake this accreditation process based on the VCU's proven track record of processing animal by-products in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the UK where animal by-products were being processed before the foot and mouth epidemic. A site is accredited for the composting process as well as its site design and operational control procedures. This site was the first in the UK to work through developing suitable in-vessel composting HACCP plans and site designs with DEFRA.

This ABPR accreditation underlines the VCU's growing reputation as the safe and efficient choice for composting projects dealing with animal by-product and catering wastes. OrrTec in conjunction with VCU Technology Ltd, are now developing other animal by-product and catering waste sites. The next site to be installed for ABP is in Ireland and will be processing fish wastes. There are three other sites being installed in the spring to process council collected catering waste with several others pending planning permission.

Source: PR & Communications / OrrTec Ltd - 13th February 2004

5m Editor