Defra say double-slapping is good... but NPA remains unconvinced

by 5m Editor
9 March 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Double-slapping is a success, according to a report prepared for Defra by the Meat Hygiene Service. In a survey 98 percent of pigs could be correctly identified.

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However the findings are at variance with one abattoir's experience. It says that contrary to expectation the widespread use of new equipment (to accommodate the new alpha-numeric codes) is definitely not producing clearer slaps, possibly because the new ink pads are not yet sufficiently saturated.

NPA's view remains that double-slapping is of doubtful merit because delivering the second slap will invariably be a hit-and-miss affair as the pig attempts to sprint out of range.

Feelings on this issue appear stronger in East Anglia (where running after excitable pigs is considered undignified) than in Yorkshire (where they'll chase anything if there's a bob in it.)

Source: National Pig Association - 9th March 2004

5m Editor