Checkoff Calls for Literature Review of Non-Antimicrobial Production Enhancers

by 5m Editor
27 April 2004, at 12:00am

US - The Pork Checkoff is making a special call for critical literature reviews of certain classes of non-antimicrobial production enhancers (NAPEs).

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The call will result in a comprehensive review of the content and soundness of various scientific publications on these alternatives. Pork producers may then be assured of objective information to help them evaluate the usefulness of these products prior to buying them for their operations.

The call is specifically addressing the usefulness and effectiveness of carbohydrates, yeast, bacteria and direct-fed microbials, acidifiers, functional animal proteins and botanical extracts to enhance growth and feed efficiency. Reviews will be including all available sources of information, as well as including a discussion of the availability and practicality of these products to the industry. Proposals need to be submitted by May 17.

“There are producers looking into or operating alternative production systems, including antibiotic-free production, where there is still a learning curve,“ said Mark Boggess, director of animal science for the Pork Checkoff. “The Pork Checkoff is researching options to find out what non-antibiotic products work reliably and which ones don’t, so producers can look at the objective information and make sound decisions for their operations.“

To find out more about the call for proposals, go to and click on the “NAPEs Literature Review“ on the right-hand side.

Source: National Pork Board - 26th April 2004

5m Editor