Korean Pork Imports Rise

by 5m Editor
8 April 2004, at 12:00am

SOUTH KOREA - South Korean month on month pork imports rose 12.6 percent in January to 11,628 MT. A rise of 9.7 percent on January 2003.

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The vast majority of South Korea’s pork imports consisted of frozen product and as ever there were winners and losers. Imports from Canada decreased 3.0 percent from December to 2,864 MT, down a total of 12.8 percent from a year earlier. However, Canada was the largest provider of pork to South Korea during January accounting for 24.6 percent of the total imports.

The main beneficiary was Chile who saw its exports to South Korea rising a massive 48% from December 2003 to 2,210 MT. Chile pork trade with South Korea has increased by 175.6 percent year on year.

There was good news for US producers who saw South Korea’s US imports rise 3.8 percent over December to 1,205 MT, although the year on year figures were down 6.7 percent from January 2003.

Source: from KITA - 8th March 2004

5m Editor