Saint Delia gives British pork a plug

by 5m Editor
22 April 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Who is the British pig industry's favourite pin-up? Why Delia of course. In her latest book "The Delia Collection: Pork" she gives us this excellent plug...

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"Pork used in this book is British. One very important reason for including a book specifically on pork for this collection is to promote British pork and bacon products. Firstly, because it is the finest in the world and secondly, because British farmers are struggling to survive and compete with cheaper and very often inferior imports. So please, please buy British!"

East Anglia creep feed manufacturer Rod Tuck is particularly delighted by Delia's support, because he regularly bends her ear about the virtues of British pork.

The Delia Collection devotes a whole book to pork in recognition of the fact that from ham, sausages and bacon to fillet and tenderloin, almost every part of the pig can be consumed "making it one of the most versatile foods in our diet."

In the book, Saint Delia has chosen her best and most popular recipes - updating old favourites and adding some that are completely new. The book is aimed both at experienced cooks and at newcomers to homecooking who can be sure that, with Delia's friendly and approachable style, they will be guided by a trusted hand through her fail-safe recipes.

There are over 50 recipes for cooking with pork including tips on roasting, braising, grilling and frying. By following her golden rules and advice, readers will be guaranteed delicious and rewarding results, every time.

Source: National Pig Association - 22nd April 2004

5m Editor