USDA recognizes France and Spain as free of Classical Swine Fever

by 5m Editor
23 April 2004, at 12:00am

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is amending its regulations to recognize France and Spain as regions free of classical swine fever (CSF).

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Eradicated from the United States in 1978, swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease affecting swine.

This action adds France and Spain to the regions within the European Union that were recognized in April 2003 as regions free of CSF. APHIS now recognizes the following countries as CSF free: Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and most of Germany and Italy.

Breeding swine, swine semen and pork and pork products can be imported under certain conditions from CSF free regions only if they have not been commingled with animals and animal products where the disease occurs. These animals and products are still subject to additional restrictions if other foreign swine diseases of concern to the United States are present.

This final rule is published in the April 20 Federal Register and becomes effective April 20 .APHIS documents published in the Federal Register and related information, including the names of organizations and individuals who have commented on APHIS dockets, are available on the Internet at

Source: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - 20th April - 2004

5m Editor