Vleeswijzer: the role of meat in a healthy diet

by 5m Editor
16 April 2004, at 12:00am

THE NETHERLANDS - Meat is a valuable foodstuff that is ideal as part of a healthy diet. This is the simple message of the Dutch Meat Board in its nutritional information aimed at the Dutch consumers.

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The Netherlands Nutrition Centre, which is responsible for providing independent information about diet and food, wants to help consumers make a conscious choice for safe and healthy meat. In association with the Dutch Meat Board and the Food and Non-Food Authority, it has therefore developed the Vleeswijzer ('Meat Guide'). This is the linchpin of the Nutrition Centre's campaign 'Wijzer met vlees' ('More sensible with meat').

The Vleeswijzer gives conveniently arranged practical information to help consumers choose, store and prepare meat. It deals with the most popular cuts of pork, beef, lamb, veal and chicken, specifying the most common preparation method, the preparation time and nutrition information (calorie, fat and saturated fat content) for each cut. The Vleeswijzer also contains some useful facts about the nutritional value of meat and hints on refrigerating, freezing and thawing. Finally, information is also provided about how long the various types of meat should be kept in the fridge or the freezer and about hygiene while preparing meat.

The Vleeswijzer is made of a hard-wearing material and is therefore ideal for use in the kitchen. It has been publicised through various channels. For instance, a copy has been given away with Libelle, the biggest women's magazine in the Netherlands. Ads in various other women's magazines and radio commercials have encouraged people to ask for information about ‘safe and healthy meat’. A display box containing several copies of the Vleeswijzer has been sent to all meat outlets. All in all, about 650,000 copies of the Vleeswijzer have been distributed.

If you would like a copy of the Vleeswijzer, simply send an e-mail to the Dutch Meat Board ([email protected]). Please note that the Vleeswijzer is currently available only in Dutch.

Source: Dutch Meat Board - 16th April 2003

5m Editor