China's Wen's Group Draws Up Hog Production Plan For The Next 5 Years

by 5m Editor
31 May 2004, at 12:00am

Recently, China's Wen's Group held its second internal company seminar to discuss its plans for hog production in China during the next five years.

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According to the company's plan for 2005-2009, Wen's Group will increase its hog inventory to more than 4 million heads. This would comprise 3 million commercial hogs and 1 million breeder hogs.

For the next five years, Wen's Group will focus hog production in the northern, eastern and western parts of Guangdong province, Guangxi, Hainan and northeastern provinces in China. The Group has also mapped out a framework for the demand and supply of breeder hogs, facilities for rearing meat hogs, as well as a system for marketing and customer-service.

Currently, China's hog-producing regions are experiencing low productivity, poor skilled workers, mediocre breeds and poor management. In an industry that requires high capital investment, long-term planning, good technical knowledge and many years of experience, many small companies in China have failed to take off in hog production.

Wen's Group's hog production is producing results after several years of business development. The company has set in place a system for breeding, feed and nutrition management, as well as disease prevention and control. The group is also well established in marketing and sales management and handling its human resources. The group reviews its production framework frequently and constantly adjusts its business plans, and in the process make use of its competitive advantage to advance its hog production business.

Located in Guangdong province, China, Wen's Foodstuffs Group Limited Company, also known as Wen's Group, was established in 1983. Wen's Group is a trans-industry and trans-regional enterprise group engaging primarily in broiler, hog, dairy cow farming, and also in aquaculture production, meat products processing and animal health products.

In 2000, Wen's Group's annual broiler and commercial hog production already hit 138 million birds and 134,000 heads respectively, making it the largest broiler producer in southern China amidst the intense market competition.

Source: eFeedLink - 31th May 2004

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