National Fallen Stock company announce new look scheme

by 5m Editor
14 May 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The National Fallen Stock Company has announced its new proposals for a National Fallen Stock Scheme.

National Fallen Stock company announce new look scheme - UK - The National Fallen Stock Company has announced its new proposals for a National Fallen Stock Scheme.
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Chairman of the Board Michael Seals said that:

"Following the announcement of the delay in launching of the Scheme this Spring, we have taken the opportunity to consult with the farming industry on a new approach which would apply equally to all livestock sectors and size of farm in a manner that will charge farmers according to their usage of the Scheme.

I am pleased to say that we have received support from the major livestock organisations throughout the UK for this approach. We have also discussed the principles of our proposals with the collection and disposal industry. We have now set up a working group with them to discuss the details of how the collection of fallen stock will work.

Much work needs to be done between now and the when the Scheme is due to start in the Autumn and we know that we will also need to convince the European Commission that the Scheme will comply with State aid rules. However, with continued goodwill and co-operation of government and industry we are confident this can be achieved."

The main elements of the Scheme are:

  • All livestock farmers will be able to access the Scheme on payment of a nominal annual registration fee;
  • The Scheme will operate in a similar manner for all species of farmed livestock ;
  • Farmers may choose their preferred approved collector and will pay costs of collection less the government contribution by monthly variable direct debit to the Company according to quantity of stock collected over the previous month. This directly relates cost of Scheme to usage by the farmer, limits the scope for bad debts and reduces administration costs;

  • All collectors operating from premises approved under the Animal By-products regulations may register to join the Scheme. Collectors will be required to provide the Company with their proposed charges and the geographical area in which they propose to operate;

  • Payments will be made to collectors by the Company;
  • Collectors will need to comply with strict biosecurity conditions laid down by the Company.

Welcoming the Board's new proposals, Animal Health Minister Ben Bradshaw said:

"I am pleased at the progress the Board has made in delivering a workable Scheme. The government remains committed to funding the Scheme as previously announced and we look forward to delivery of a successful Scheme this Autumn".

Source: Defra - 13th May 2004

5m Editor