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by 5m Editor
24 June 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The creation of its own health and welfare plan is a vital step forward for the British pig industry, said BPEX chairman Stewart Houston today.


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Speaking at the launch of Defra's animal health and welfare strategy, he said an improvement in the health and welfare of the national pig herd would translate into improved competitiveness which would benefit all and was one of the initiatives to come from the BPEX Road to Recovery plan.

The pig industry health and welfare plan is devised to fit with the Defra animal health and welfare strategy. BPEX supports this government initiative and says it will work to ensure it is effectively implemented in the pig sector.

The implementation of the pig health and welfare plan is being overseen by a newly formed Pig Health and Welfare Council.

One of the first tasks facing the council will be the implementation of a national health monitoring scheme in abattoirs based on the Scottish Wholesome Pigs initiative which BPEX part funded.

The scheme will assess, using lesion scores, key pig health traits in assured British pig abattoirs on a quarterly basis. Results will be sent to all assured producers, their vets and abattoirs within 48 hours of collection.

The conditions to be recorded are: enzootic pneumonia, peritonitis, pleuropnemonia-like (APP-like) lesions, milk spot liver, pleurisy, hepatic scarring, pericarditis, papular dermatitis, pyaemia and tail-biting.

The aim of this is to improve the health of the national pig herd and at the same time cut production costs and improve profitability.

Source: National Pig Association - 24th June 2004

5m Editor