Malta takes Yorkshire pigs from JSR Genetics

by 5m Editor
14 June 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Malta's pig industry is being restocked with breeding pigs from British company JSR Genetics Ltd. Over 300 genetically-advanced gilts and boars have been exported to the Mediterranean island to update the country's genetics following Malta's accession to the EU.

JSR Genetics on

The order was placed by KIM Koperattiva TA' Min Irrabbi-LMajjal Ltd - the Pig Breeders Co-operative Society Ltd - following visits by its management committee and the Maltese Chief Veterinary Officer to JSR Genetics' headquarters in the UK.

The co-op controls the whole of the pig industry on the Maltese Islands, from birth to slaughter. This includes a nucleus breeding unit on the tiny island of Comino and multiplier units supplying breeding stock to commercial farms on Malta and Gozo.

"Health and genetics combined with the quality of our technical and health advice and after-sales service were the reasons why JSR Genetics was selected," commented Brian Edwards, JSR Genetics' export director.

Health is particularly important to the Maltese pig industry, which has a national herd of around 7,000 sows. Following an outbreak of African swine fever in 1978 it had to completely depopulate and restock, but no new genetics have been introduced since 1992, he explained. "Malta buys in all its feed and as a new EU member recognises the need to be more competitive," he added.

The new importation will assist in bringing the island's herds up-to-date genetically. This is the reason why, as well as nucleus stock which will enable Malta to breed its own replacements, F1hybrid Genepacker 90 gilts were included in the shipment. They will provide fresh genetic material for the production of finishing pigs on commercial farms to start without a time-lag.

Source: JSR Genetics - 11th June 2004

5m Editor