Pork Checkoff Celebrates Certification Programs at World Pork Expo

by 5m Editor
10 June 2004, at 12:00am

US - The Pork Checkoff is celebrating certification programs at World Pork Expo, including the 15th anniversary of the Pork Quality AssuranceTM (PQA) Program. It also is celebrating three other certification programs: Swine Welfare Assurance ProgramSM (SWAPSM), Trucker Quality AssuranceTM (TQATM) Program and Youth PQA Program.

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“The Pork Checkoff certification programs provide pork producers with tools they need,“ said Leon Sheets, a pork producer from Ionia, Iowa, and chair of the Pork Checkoff’s Producer Education Committee, which oversees the certification programs. “During the past 15 years, PQA has helped pork producers improve their on-farm production practices and has helped pork producers assure consumers both in the United States and around the world that U.S. Pork is a safe, wholesome product.“

The PQA Program was launched in 1989 at the World Pork Expo. In 2004, the pork industry celebrates 15 years of PQA helping pork producers contribute to a safe food supply. During those 15 years, more than 80,000 pork producers have been certified in the PQA Program, which has helped them contribute to record exports of U.S. Pork. Earlier this year, the Pork Checkoff launched the Youth PQA program for youth ages 9 to 18 and changed the PQA program to focus on adult producers. In 2003, the PQA program started to offer online PQA verification for educators. This helps save up to $3 of Pork Checkoff funds per PQA participant in postage, processing and printing.

The Pork Checkoff launched SWAP in 2003, supported by science-based research. SWAP is an education and assessment program that allows pork producers to demonstrate the care and welfare of their animals.

The TQA program started in 2002 as an education program that provides information on biosecurity and proper techniques to use when handling, loading and transporting hogs. To date, 338 trainers were certified to provide training and to administer TQA examinations and more than 8,700 drivers/producers had earned TQA certification.

Source: National Pork Board - 9th June 2004

5m Editor