Their daily bread

by 5m Editor
4 June 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The term 'well-bred' has taken on a whole new meaning on an outdoor unit in Shropshire. To help keep them up with the demanding requirements of 450 sows the herd's 25 boars are given a slice of bread every day. Their daily bread, however, contains a special ingredient designed to help the immune system.

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According to Paul Anderson, a partner in 'Happy Pigs' at Hopton, near Hodnet, giving the already-keen boars the natural supplement, Biotilan gives them an extra boost. "It definitely sharpens them up. I have taken it myself and it has given me extra energy!" he commented.

The supplement - now called Immunall - made in Holland from extracts from seven herbs, is given at the rate of 5 ml per day for four weeks, followed by a week's rest, to help the immune system.

The herd is achieving good results. To overcome health problems, it was completely depopulated and restocked with PRRS- and PMWS-negative Genepacker 120 gilts and 25 Quantum boars from JSR Genetics in April 2003.

Having averaged 10.6 piglets born alive in their first parities, the first few gilts which have come round for their second litters are now averaging 11.5 born alive. The ad lib-fed finishing pigs have an average P2 measurement of 10.6 mm at 76 kg deadweight.

Source: JSR Genetics - 4th June 2004

5m Editor