A retirement roof over your head

by 5m Editor
5 July 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Over the past five years many pig producers who wanted to cut their losses and quit the industry found their units were worth very little - often not enough to cover their debts - because nobody wanted to come into pig production.


National Pig Association

NPA is active on members' behalf in Brussels & Whitehall, and with processors, supermarkets & caterers - fighting for the growth and pros-perity of the UK pig industry.

And now, just as buyers are entering the market again, sellers are finding their units are still worth less than they need, because they are in poor condition, as a result of low prices and imported disease over the past half a decade.

The good news for those who need to retire but find they don't have the wherewithal to buy a house locally, even after selling their pig unit, is that the ARC-Addington Fund can help.

If your application is successful the fund will buy a house of your choice and rent it back to you, or, if you have some funds but not enough, it will help you buy a house under a shared equity arrangement.

This is clearly an excellent offer, so much so that you might expect it to be oversubscribed. But it isn't. The fund has bought 13 homes so far and has approved a further 17. And anybody who makes an application, and who meets the criteria, has an excellent chance of success.

So if you know someone who would benefit, please urge him or her to call (02476) 690587, for a friendly and sympathetic hearing, in the best traditions of the ARC-Addington Fund.

But what of the rest of us? What can we do to help the fund (which paid out cash grants to over 22,000 people during the foot and mouth crisis, at an administration cost of less than 1.5 percent)?

The ARC-Addington housing scheme is already financially viable and sustainable, but that isn't to say more money isn't needed; the bigger the pot, the more people it can help.

And of course because the money goes into bricks and mortar it is building up equity that will be available for future generations.

Can we, in the pig industry, think about holding fund-raising events for the ARC-Addington Strategic Rural Housing Scheme? Perhaps we could have a simple cash collection at the next round of NPA regional meetings. What better cause could there be?

For those who have sheep and/or cattle, as well as pigs, there is an easy way to support the fund: join its "Give a little, make a lot campaign" which deducts fivepence a head for each sheep or pig sold through a livestock market, and 25p a head for cattle.

The sum is automatically deducted by the auctioneer and of course you'll never miss it. Interested? Email ARC-Addington for further details and a form to sign.

Source: National Pig Association - Digby Scott- 5th July 2004

5m Editor