Mexico Expands List of Beef Products Eligible for Importation

by 5m Editor
27 August 2004, at 12:00am

MEXICO - The Government of Mexico (GOM) recently established import requirements for beef based preparations, beef/pork based preparations, beef/sheep based preparations and beef/pork/poultry based preparations.

At this point, SAGARPA, has formally rejected APHIS/FAS’s request that sheep or products obtained from sheep come from a country that has in place regulations that prohibit the feeding of ruminants with meat and bone meal and greaves. Currently SAGARPA’s requirements state “that in the country of origin there exists animal health regulations in force that prohibit the feeding of ruminants with ruminant based proteins, except milk and milk products.“ Currently, the only restrictions on sheep are for sheep for breeding. Sheep for slaughter have been approved for some time.

The BSE Banned List

The following products are currently banned by SAGARPA.

  • Live cattle
  • Bone-in meat
  • Boneless meat from cattle 30 months of age or older
  • Bovine offal and viscera other than those currently authorized
  • Products derived from non-protein-free tallow
  • Protein-free tallow fit for human consumption
  • Gelatin and collagen prepared from bone
  • Ruminant meal

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service - 27th August 2004

5m Editor