Modernized Cut Names for Pork Expected to Benefit Consumers

by 5m Editor
10 August 2004, at 12:00am

CANADA - Farm-Scape: Episode 1576. Farm-Scape is a Wonderworks Canada production and is distributed courtesy of Manitoba Pork Council and Sask Pork.

Farm-Scape, Episode 1576

Canada Pork says new naming protocols for pork will make it much easier for consumers to identify the many different cuts of pork introduced over the past 30 years.

Retailers across Canada have begun the introduction of new cut names for pork. A stakeholder committee representing wholesalers, retailers, packers, primary producers and government spent about two years updating the pork nomenclature.

Canada Pork Manager Mary Ann Binnie says it had been over 30 years since the names of pork cuts had been reviewed and the hog industry recognized a need to modernize those names.

"There has been quite a few changes in the way pork is merchandised, some of technology changes, the demand for pork cuts.

30 years ago we didn't see demand for things like strips and cubes whereas now it's fairly common to see those in the retail meat case but there were a variety of ways across Canada that retailers were naming the same cut.

There's where we had some inconsistency so this is bringing everybody onto the level playing field in the way they name the cuts.

At the consumer level, some of the things you'll see is things like shoulder butt will now be renamed to shoulder blade.

The loin tenderloin end is now sirloin, much more simple and easier to identify in the meat case. The loin centre cut will now be called loin centre.

It's really taking some of the old names and making them more succinct, more in line with the naming techniques that we're used to seeing."

The switch to the new pork nomenclature is underway now and will be complete by January 1, 2005 when the new names become mandatory.

For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

5m Editor