Temporary off-site accommodation could auger well for pig farmers seeking improved health status

by 5m Editor
25 August 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Although a significant number of pig farmers have found the performance boost of a cleaner herd, while partially depopulating to counter the effects of wasting, the biggest problem encountered has been the non-availability of good quality, temporary accommodation off site to minimise the loss of production.

One way to counter this, suggests Nick MacIvor of East Yorkshire pig building manufacturer AM Warkup, would be a rental facility that was available within a geographical group of pig farms.

Used by individual members, on a rotational basis, the facility would be financed by the rents paid by the members.

He points out that the same principle has worked well with machinery rings for many years and could well encourage performance-boosting herd clean ups every few years and make an individually onerous undertaking mere routine.

To access the level of interest in such a scheme, anyone - eg pig producers or veterinarians - wishing to discuss it should contact Mr MacIvor on 01262 468666.

Source: AM Warkup Ltd - 24th August 2004

5m Editor