Brazil Boasts Record Exports In Pork

by 5m Editor
23 September 2004, at 12:00am

BRAZIL - In August, sales of Brazilian pork abroad generated a record US$ 91.7 million in revenue. The volume, at 58,985 tons, was also the second highest ever since September 2002.

Compared with August 2003, revenue was up 101%, and volume increased 37.6%. International pork prices have given revenue a strong boost, growing 46% (from US$1,065 per ton in 2003, to US$1,555 presently).

Cumulative pork export revenue for the year currently stands at US$ 458.6 million (up 40% over 2003), with a volume of 325,523 tons (up 2.5%).

The biggest importers of Brazilian pork comprise Russia (38,666 tons), Hong Kong (5,470 tons), Ukraine (5,014 tons), Argentina (2,571 tons), Singapore (1,438 tons), South Africa (451 tons) and Georgia (395 tons).

Source: eFeedLink - 23rd September 2004

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