Fallen animals scheme progress

by 5m Editor
23 September 2004, at 12:00am

NORTHERN IRELAND - The Ulster Farmers’ Union has commented on progress being made towards a ‘pay as you go’ fallen animals scheme for Northern Ireland.

Further details of how the new scheme will work were revealed this week by the National Fallen Stock Company.

The scheme will see participating farmers paying a nominal 328 annual registration fee followed by a ‘pay as you go’ charge for collection of fallen animals from the farm. Government will make a 30% contribution to collection charges in the first year of the scheme.

UFU President Campbell Tweed said; “Government and industry have responded to the EU Directive prohibiting farmers from burying fallen stock by working together to come up with this solution. The ban on the burial of animals has been controversial and in the eyes of many farmers totally unnecessary. We have explored various ways of avoiding the ban but the reality is that the EU Commission are enforcing this and we have worked for a practical outcome. The National Fallen Stock Company have now produced a practical solution to a problem which had to be addressed in the industry“

Mr Tweed said he hoped farmers would support the new scheme which will be operational shortly; “Importantly the scheme will directly link cost to usage and this is a principle which our members were keen to see implemented. It will mean they can use an efficient collection service for fallen animals and we will be working on their behalf to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and other issues such as bio-security are properly implemented. If the farming industry doesn’t make a success of this scheme by supporting it, we will face major problems“.

It is expected that the scheme will be in operation in Northern Ireland and GB towards the end of October.

Source: Ulster Farmers' Union - 20th September 2004

5m Editor