National Fallen Stock Scheme to Start next Month

by 5m Editor
20 September 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The National Fallen Stock Company today announced that the National Fallen Stock Scheme is expected to start next month.

Chairman of the Board Michael Seals said: "After months of hard work, the Board of the National Fallen Stock Company, in partnership with Government and the livestock industry, should be ready to launch the National Fallen Scheme next month.

"The Board has decided there will be an annual subscription fee of 328. Individual horse owners will able to join for 315 - this fee reflects their likely lower usage of the Scheme.

"The Government is providing 310 million in the first year. This will allow the Company to pay 30 per cent of the costs of collection of farmed livestock.

"The Scheme will give livestock owners access to a guaranteed, nationwide, biosecure collection service at reasonable prices and I would urge all those with a responsibility for disposing of fallen stock to join."

Further details of the Scheme, including the start date, will be made available shortly and livestock owners will be able to register to join the Scheme in advance of the collection service starting.

Source: Defra - 20th September 2004

5m Editor