New Win - Win situation in biosecurity provision

by 5m Editor
1 September 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Following DuPont's strategic acquisition of the animal health assets of leading biosecurity companies Antec International and BioSentry, a new organization -- DuPont Animal Health Solutions -- has been created.

The combined synergies of DuPont Animal Health Solutions will offer biosecurity excellence for livestock and aquaculture producers, enhanced by DuPont science. The new organization, which will continue to maintain the well-recognized premier biosecurity products and programs and outstanding personalized service from both Antec and BioSentry, will focus its efforts on three main areas:

Global Reach: Combining BioSentry's depth of experience in the United States and Latin America, especially in the poultry and hatchery business, with Antec's unique international experience in biosecurity for intensive livestock production, DuPont Animal Health Solutions offers farmers a wider global reach in biosecurity provision plus efficient personalized customer service.

Innovation: Looking forward, the new organization, supported by leading edge DuPont science, will build a powerful offering in biosecurity. End users can look forward to enhanced productivity, innovation and profitability.

Local Service: With the additional commitment of DuPont Animal Health Solutions to strengthen local support teams, especially in technical support, farmers can expect even better service in the future from the world's new leading biosecurity provider.

Yves Kirpach, global business leader of DuPont Animal Health Solutions, said the industry can benefit from this organization, stating,

"You can depend upon product excellence and committed service from DuPont Animal Health Solutions," Kirpach said. "We will focus on people, technology and innovation to improve on already first-class programs, customer service and delivery times. Expect DuPont Animal Health Solutions to bring new life to biosecurity."

Kirpach continued by emphasizing that the new organization will provide farmers with further excellence in biosecurity solutions.

"Premier biosecurity products from Antec and BioSentry will continue to be available through DuPont Animal Health Solutions," he said. "Customers will benefit from DuPont's continuous drive for improvement, dedication to quality using the Six Sigma methodology, and commitment to being the world's most dynamic science company. DuPont will translate these skills in a way that helps customers to improve their productivity and reduce their costs through total biosecurity solutions, rather than just products. In addition, the new organization will continue to help customers respond rapidly to emergency disease outbreaks with highly effective products and commitment to customer care that is second to none. The creation of DuPont Animal Health Solutions provides producers with a win - win situation in biosecurity provision."

Source: Antec International - 1st September 2004

5m Editor