On-farm AI made easy

by 5m Editor
8 September 2004, at 12:00am

UK - UltiMate AI system allows pig farmers to set up and carry out on-farm artificial insemination without the need for an elaborate laboratory or purified water process. All that's required is power and a clean working environment.

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Introduced by JSR Genetics for producers who wish to carry out their own AI, it comprises a special diluent sealed in tubes, flat-packs or bottles, according to preference, together with the disposable items required for collecting and processing the semen.

The diluent is warmed within special baskets in an UltiMate locker and when the semen has been collected and checked under a microscope, each dose is opened and primed with the required amount of semen. It is then re-sealed, ready for use within three days. The unopened packs of diluent, which have a four-week shelf-life, can be kept in a refrigerator until used.

"This system is so simple it enables a farmer to adopt on-farm AI almost overnight. Very little training is required to produce an excellent result," commented Angela Cliff, JSR Genetics' AI technical services manager.

Equally suited to both small and large units, it enables those producers not within easy reach of a courier service to capitalise on the well-proven benefits of AI. To help them do this JSR Genetics will lease genetically-advanced boars - under their GOAL 2002 scheme - which are selected according to the farmer's specifications.

Every UltiMate system is tailor-made to suit individual requirements, but a typical start-up package for a 500-sow herd costs under £750, including full on-farm training and technical support as well as a free-phone helpline.

Source: JSR Genetics - 3rd September 2004

5m Editor